1Q.Different ways to register a Plug-In in MSCRM?
Ans: There are three ways to register plug-ins in mscrm
 1.Plugin Registration Tool.   
 2.Solution Export/Import     
 3.Developer Tool Kit

2Q:Why workflows are used and what is the SCOPE in MSCRM?
Ans: There are four scopes available in mscrm as follows:
1.User - WF will only run for those record whose owner is WF owner itself or Logged in User only.
2.Business Unit:  WF will only run for those record whose owner is in the same BU of WF owner.
3.Parent-Child Business Unit: WF will only run for those record whose owner is in the Child BU of WF owner BU
4.Organisation : WF will run for all records in organisation regardless of owner.

3Q:Difference in fields in User or Team and Organisation Owned Entity?
Ans: There is no 'Owner' field available on the form when you create a Entity has Organisation Ownership. 
While in User or Team Owned Entity this field will be available.

4Q:Can System Admin Create, Update, Delete the Personnel View of other User?
Ans: No, because each user has User Access Level on Saved Views(Personnel View), even System Admin cannot do any operation on Personnel View  see below:

5Q: What are the deployment options available in MSCRM?
Ans: There are three Deployment Options and it is the only CRM product available in the market who have 3 Deployment options, 
1. On-Premise
2. Online and 
3. IFD (Internet Facing Deployment).

6Q. In hom many languages MSCRM product is available?
Ans: MSCRM is only product available in more than 40 languages.

7Q. In which platform MSCRM is developed?
Ans. MSCRM use .net framework.

8Q. In which platform MSCRM workflows and plug-ins are developed?
Ans. All Plug-Ins, Custom WF written in either C# or VB

9Q. Using which platform MSCRM pages are developed?
Ans. MSCRM Pages forms are designed in page).

10Q. How many access clients supported by MSCRM?
Ans. accessible through Mobile, Outlook,Web client and Tablet(MSCRM 2013).



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