IIS Interview Questions and Answers Part 2

1. What are the additional or enhanced security features in IIS 7.5?
Ans. Following are the features
Client certificate mapping
IP security
Request filtering
URL authorization

2. What are the modules in IIS 7.0?
Ans. IIS 7.0 is an modular architecture, few of the modules are
1. security module
2. content module
3. compression module
4. caching module
5. logging and diagnostic module

3. What are the two execution modes in IIS 7.0?
Ans. There are two modes in IIS 7.0
1.Classic mode (ISAPI)
2.Integrated mode 

4. What is ISAPI in IIS?
Ans. ISAPI is an open specification introduced by microsoft.
     It is faster and more flexible than CGI for extending IIS.

5. What is the difference between kernel mode and user mode in IIS?
1.Kernel mode :
• The executing code has complete and unrestricted access to the underlying hardware. 
• Kernel mode is generally reserved for the lowest-level, most trusted functions of the operating system. 
• Crashes in kernel mode are catastrophic; they will halt the entire PC. 
• Usually work faster, because, as part of the system, it can directly use all the hardware resources it needs.

2. User mode:
• The executing code has no ability to directly access hardware or reference memory. 
• Code running in user mode must delegate to system APIs to access hardware or memory.
• Crashes in user mode are always recoverable. 
• Comparatively slow as they have to ask the system the permission to use more memory or more CPU resources.

6. What exactly means HTTP.sys in IIS?
Ans. HTTP.sys is known as “HTTP Protocol Stack” or “Http Listener Process” 
• It is Implemented as a kernel-mode device driver
• It is core component to receive and serve HTTP requests and passing them off to the worker processes
• When you create a Web site, IIS registers the site with HTTP.sys 
• Other than retrieving a stored response from its internal cache, 
  HTTP.sys does not process the requests that it receives.

7. What are ISAPI filters in IIS?
• ISAPI filters are DLL files that can be used to modify and enhance the functionality provided by IIS
• ISAPI filters always run on an IIS server, filtering every request until they find one they need to process 
• Mostly used for Authentication and Encryption of the i/p or o/p data for a site locally or all the apps globally

8. What are Application pools in IIS?
Ans. Group of Web Applications and Web Sites are called Application Pools.


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