SSRS Interview Questions and Answers Part 2

1.What is a sub report and how to create them?
Ans.A sub report is like any other reports. It can be called in main report and can be generate through main report. Parameters can be passed from main report to sub report and basis of that report can be generated

2.What is parameterized report?
Ans.A published report that accepts input values through parameters

3.How do you find Report Execution History?
Ans.ExecutionLog table in ReportServer database store all the logs for last two months.
SELECT * FROM ReportServer.dbo.ExecutionLog

4.What are the different formats in which SQL Server Reports can be exported to?

5.What is ReportServer and ReportServerTempDB?
Ans.By Default, SQL Server Reporting Services uses two SQL Server databases for storage, which are,
1. ReportServer: ReportServer is a main database, which store all internal configuration and report meta data
2. ReportServerTempdb: ReportServerTempdb is used to store temporary data, session information, and cached reports

6.Can you deploy a report at multiple servers at one time?
Ans.NO, native SQL Server Reporting Services doesn’t supports this functionality but we can deploy reports directly to multiple servers one at a time. We may be able to use third party tools

7.Can you edit a report that an end user created by using Report Builder in BIDS?
Ans.Yes, if an end user created a report by using Report Builder in BIDS and saved the report definition file, you can open the file in BIDS and edit it.

8.Can sub report data source be different from that of the parent report?
Ans.YES, sub report data source can be different from that of the parent report.


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