IIS Interview Questions and Answers Part 1

1. What is w3wp.exe in IIS?
Ans. w3wp.exe stands for world wide web worker process.

2. Can we run multiple web applications in IIS?
Ans. Yes, we can run.

3. Where does the information regarding application is available in IIS?
Ans. In the file, applicationHost.config

4. Why http.sys is used in IIS?
Ans. http.sys is responsible for receiving and sending request/response from the 

5. How does the http.sys improves the performance of IIS?
Ans. Since http.sys supports "kernel mode caching", it improves the performance of the application.

6. Can svchost.exe host multiple servcies?
Ans. Yes, svchost.exe host one or more services.

7. In which mode, worker process runs?
Ans. User mode

8. In which mode, http.sys driver runs?
Ans. Kernel mode.

9. Which one is faster kernel mode or user mode in IIS?
Ans. Kernel mode is fater compare to user mode.

10. What is http.sys?
Ans. It is a driver software.


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