WebService Interview Questions and Answers Part 1

1. What is Web service?
Ans. Web Service is an application that provide services on the internet.
     Web services allows access to business logic over the Web.
     Web services generally communicate on XML-based protocols, messages and interfaces.
     The most commonaly used protocol is SOAP over HTTP for invoking Web services. 

2. What is UDDI?
Ans. UDDI stands for Universal Description Discovery and Integration. 
UDDI is an XML-based standard for describing, publishing, and finding Web services.
1.It is platform independent
2.open framework 

3. What is DISCO?
Ans. DISCO is the abbreviated form of Discovery. 
     DISCO used to group common services together on a server and provides links to the schema documents of the services which are required.

4. What is the use of Disco.exe?
Ans. This is a Discovery tool which is used to discovers the URLs of XML Web services located on a Web server and saves documents related to each XML Web service on a local disk.

5. What is difference between Add Reference and Add Service reference?
Ans. Add Reference is used to add the .Net assemblies and COM components to the project files,
     Add Service Reference is used to create a proxy for the web service.

6. Which transport protocol you use to call a Web service?
Ans. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) protocol.

7. How to test a Web Service? Do we required to create win app or web app to consume it?    
Ans. By default web service generates a test page, we need not create or consume the Web service in order to test it.

8. When would you use .NET Remoting and when Web services?
Ans. When both service and client are .Net platform, .Net remoting will be more efficient where are if both server and client are different platform use web service for communication

9. Web services can only be written using .NET?
Ans. No

10. What is the Url to find Web Services on Internet?
Ans. http://www.uddi.org



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