WCF Interview Questions and Answers Part 14

1. With the TCP, IPC, and basic HTTP bindings does the transfer mode is set to streamed?
Ans. With all of these bindings streaming is disabled by default.
 TransferMode property should be set according to the desired streaming mode in the bindings.

2. What is the data size of Streaming transfer mode in wcf? 
Ans. Default message size is 64

3. How can we increase the message size for streaming mode in wcf?
Ans. We can increase the message size using maxReceivedMessageSize attribute in the binding element in the following way,

    <bindings >
        <binding name="TestService.netTcpBinding"
         transferMode="Streamed" maxReceivedMessageSize="123456">

4. What are the modes of communication between client and server in wcf?
Ans. Three modes of communication between client and service are

1. Request- Replay
2. One-Way
3. Callback

5. ReleaseInstanceMode property is used with which attribute in wcf?
Ans. OberationalBehavior attribute

6. What are the release modes available for ReleaseInstanceMode property?
Ans. Followings are the list Release mode available in the ReleaseInstanceMode


7. What are the impersonation levels available in wcf?
Ans. There are 3 levels for Impersonation 

NotAllowed : Indicate the service should not auto-impersonate
Allowed : This automatically impersonate the caller whenever Windows authentication is used, but it has no effect with other authentication mechanisms
Required: This makes sure that Windows authentication is used else it will throw exception.

8. How do we allow impersonate for all operations in wcf?
Ans. Impersonation can be allowed for all operation by setting the service Authorization in service behavior section like following,

        <behavior name="ServiceBehavior">
          <serviceAuthorization impersonateCallerForAllOperations="true" />

9. By defalt which operation mode is used in wcf?
Ans. By default all WCF will operate in the Request-Replay mode.

10. Which two bindings does not support request-replay mode?
Ans.  NetPeerTcpBinding and NetMsmqBinding



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