JQuery Interview Questions and Answers Part 5

1. How do you use JavaScript within CoffeeScript code?
Ans: Wrap the code in backticks or grave accents [`]

2. $.hello() can be also written as?
Ans: jQuery.hello()

3. Can jQuery be used on the same page alongside other libraries?
Ans: yes

4. var temp = $("p"); then temp will be?
Ans: A jQuery object

5. $(document).ready(function() {
// your code here
The above code is before DOM load or after DOM load.

Ans: After DOM fully loaded.

6. How to test whether the browser supports specific features?
Ans: $.support

7. Can we use Multiple document.ready blocks in a page? 
Ans: yes

8. How can attach a handler to an event using jquery?
Ans: using bind method

9. Query.noConflict(true) also removes all jQuery variables from the global scope?
Ans: yes

10. $('div').click(function(){
// Code here
If the value of the variable this refers to?

Ans: It refers to the DOM node


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