Oracle Apps Interview Questions and Answers Part 1

1. What is the difference between placeholder column and function?
Ans. function can return one value where as place holder column return more than one value when it will be used inside of formula column.

2. What is mandatory parameter used in reports? and why?
Ans. The parameter p_conc_request_id is used because it holds the request_id of completed concurrent program.

3. If we use when other exception before No Data Found then what will happen?
Ans. It gives compilation error.

4. What is a extension?
Ans. It is a form.

5. What is a custom_top? give its location?
Ans. Custom_Top is a client top in which we can customize the reports.
path: custom_top/11.5.0/us.rdf

6. Tell me mtl_system_items_b is a table or view?
Ans. It is a table.

7. At which level PO is done?
Ans. Generally it is done at operating level.

8. What is the primary key in mtl_system_items_b?
Ans. inventory_item_id is the primary key.

9. What is the difference between ap_invoice and ap_invoice-all?
Ans. In ap_invoice_all an extra column is present i.e.,
mrc posting status column.

10. Is it possible to run the report without having frame?
Ans. Yes we can run the report without having frame.


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