ASPNET Interview Questions Part 3

  1. How many types of validation controls are provided by ASPNET ? 
  2. Can you explain what is "AutoPostBack" feature in ASPNET ? 
  3. How can you enable automatic paging in DataGrid ?
  4. What is the difference between "Webconfig", "Appconfig" and "MachineConfig" ?  
  5. Differene between SESSION and APPLICATION object ?  
  6. What is the difference between ServerTransfer and responseRedirect ? 
  7. What is the difference between Authentication and authorization?  
  8. Explain impersonation in ASPNET ?  
  9. Can you explain in brief how the ASPNET authentication process works?  
  10. What are the various ways of authentication techniques in ASPNET?  
  11. How does authorization work in ASPNET?  
  12. What’s difference between Datagrid, Datalist and repeater ?  
  13. From performance point of view how do they rate ?  
  14. What is the method to customize columns in DataGrid?  
  15. How can we format data inside DataGrid? 
  16. How to decide on the design consideration to take a Datagrid, datalist or repeater ? 
  17. Difference between ASP and ASP.NET?  
  18. What are major events in GLOBAL.ASAX file ? What order they are triggered ?  


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