ASPNET Interview Questions Part 1

1. Does session use cookies ?  
2. How do we enable tracing ?  
3. Explain sequence in which ASPNET events are processed ? 
4. In which event are the controls fully loaded ? 
5. How can we force all the validation control to run ?  
6. How can we check if all the validation control are valid and proper ? 
7. If client side validation is enabled in your Web page, does that mean server side code is not run? 
8. Which JavaScript file is referenced for validating the validators at the client side ? 
9. How to disable client side script in validators?  
10. How can I show the entire validation error message in a message box on the client side? 
11. If validation are complicated and does not fit in any of the validators, what will you do ?  
12. Explain Tracing in ASPNET ?   
13. How to identify page is PostBack ?  
14. How does ASP.NET maintain state in between subsequent request ?  
15. What is event bubbling in ASP.NET? 
16. How do we assign page specific attributes ?  
17. If we want to make sure that no one has tampered with ViewState, how do we ensure it? 
18. What is the use of @ Register directives ?  
19. Why SmartNavigation property is used? 
20. What is the use of AppSetting Section in "WebConfig" file ?  


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