Computer Science MCQ Part 1

1. Binary coded decimal numbers express each decimal digit as

a. binary digits

b. bits

c. nibble

d. word

e. byte


2. Digital computer performs its operations by using

a. counting

b. analogy

c. guessing

d. mechanical operations

e. electrical operations


3. Father of computers is

a. Hollerith

b. Steve Jobs

c. John Napier

d. Abacus

e. Charles Babbage


4. The ASCII code is a 7 bit code for

a. numbers

b. letters

c. decimals

d. alphanumeric

e. other symbols


5. The number of inputs to full adder are

a. 2

b. 4

c. 3

d. 1

e. 8

6. In Boolean algebra, x+1 = ?


b. x

c. 0

d. 1 e. x+1

7. What is the radix in octal system?

a. 2

b. 4

c. 8

d. 10 e. 16

8. Hamming code is used in digital computer for ?

a. correcting the error

b. detecting the error

c. both

d. none


1. c 2. a 3. e 4. d 5. c 6. d 7. c 8. b


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