Sql Server Interview Questions and Answers Part 3

11. What is Master database?

  • Master database is arts of sql server.
  • It is master of all other database.
  • It contains all other database information.
  • Without master sql server will not start.

12. What is Model database?
 Model database it acts as template to create the new database. This new  database contains  some options of model database.

13. What is MSDB database?
 Msdb contains information about 1.jobs, 2.alerts.3.operation

14. What is TEMPdb database?
 It is user for store the temporary transactins. Whenever create sql server new TEMPdb created.

15. What is Restore database?
 Restore is introduced from 2005 onwards. It contains system objects .It is hidden database.Restore database id is 32767.

16. What is User Databese? 
  User Database are Created and Maintainced by  the user .

17.History of SQL Server?
Sql server originally developed and implemented by Sybase database. But licensed by Microsoft in 1988 for OS/2 operating system and began implementing it for windows o/s in the early 1990

18. Important Features of Sql Server?

  • Sql server is easy to use.
  • It is   a GUI database.
  • Sql server cheap prices comparatively other database.
  • Sql server setup and installation very easy.
  • It maintains windows operating system.
  • Sql server provides business intelligence developing studio, Reporting Services and Analysis service etc.
  • It have some other features Variety of user interface, Query optimization, Backup and Recovery Data integrity, Concurrence control, Authentication and Authorization.
  • High Performance.
  • High Availability.
  • Database mirroring.
  • Database snapshots.
  • CLR integration.Service Broker.
  •  DDL triggers.
  • Ranking functions.
  • Row version-based isolation levels.
  • XML integration.
  • TRY...CATCH.Database Mail.

19. Version of sql server?
 The versions are

  • Sql server 4.0 version.
  • Sql server 4.5 version.
  • Sql sever 6.0 versions.
  • Sql server 6.5 version.
  • Sql server 7.0 version.
  • Sql server 8.0 version/Sql server 2000.
  • Sql server 9.0 version/Sql server 2005.
  • Sql server 10.0 version/Sql server 2008.
  • Sql server 10.50 version/Sql server 2008R2.
  • Sql server 11.0 version/Sql server 2012.

20. How many types of files?
Ans .Every database is a collection of two files
       1. .MDF.
       2. .LDF.


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