Dot Net Interview Questions and Answers Part 26

1. Where are shared assemblies stored?
Ans. All shared assebmlies are stored in Global assembly cache.

2. What’s the difference between private and shared assembly?
Ans. Private assemblies are used in single application only They may or may not have a strong name. Shared assembly can be used by multiple applications They must have a strong name.

3. How to debug failed assembly binds?
Ans. With the help of Assembly Binding Log Viewer i.e., fuslogvw.exe.   

4. How to create a strong name for a .NET assembly?
Ans. By using Strong Name tool (sn.exe).

5 .How to disable session in .net?
Ans: If we set session Mode="off" in web.config, session will be disabled in the application.
   <sessionstate  Mode="off"/>

6. How to server and client communicate with each other?
Ans. When client communicate with server, only session id is transmitted, between them. When client request for data, ASP.NET looks on to session ID and retrieves corresponding data.


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