Dot Net Interview Questions and Answers Part 24

1). Why we use customErrors tag in configuration file in .net?
Ans. CustomErrors tag are generally used to provide custom error message information in an ASP.NET application.

2). Is web.config file case-sensitive in .net?
Ans. Yes, it is case sensitive

3). Tell me the root tag of web configuration file in  .net?
Ans. The tag <configuration> is the basic root element of the Web.config file under which it has all other sub elements.

4). How config files are stored in .net?
Ans. The Web.config files are stored in XML format.

5). Can we have multiple web configuration files in an directory?
No. No, only one web.config file for one directory.

6). What is the root location of the web.config file from where all others web.config files are inherited ?
Ans. Location:  systemroot\Microsoft.NET\Framework\versionNumber\CONFIG\Web.config

7). For which purpose you use <appSettings> tag?
Ans. The appSettings tags are used to store the application settings information like connection strings, file paths, custom key value pairs and etc.
Sample Code:
    <add key="" value=""/>

8).What is the size of session ID in
Ans: Asp.Net use 120 bit identifier for each session.


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