Dot Net Interview Questions Part 21

  1.What are the basic pillars of oops concepts?
  2.By default class and members are declared as what? Ans. Private
  3.What is the difference between Abstract Class and Interface?
  4.What is the difference between Abstract Class and Static Class? 
  5.Can we declare variable in abstract and interface using access specifiers?
  6.What are access modifiers? How many are they?
  7.How do we call static methods and abstract methods?
  8.What is inheritance? Types of inheritance?
   9.What is Routing in MVC?
  10.What is the base class for JsonResult?
  11.What is the life cycle of MVC?
  12.What is encapsulation? Example?
  13.Why multiple inheritance is not possible in c#?
  14.What are action filters in mvc? What are they?
  15.What is override keyword?
  16.What is static keyword in c#? Why it is used?


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