Dot Net Interview Questions Part 18

1. Where is the route mapping code written?
2. Can we map multiple URLs to the same action?
3. How can we navigate from one view to other view using a hyperlink?
4. How to implement AJAX in MVC
5. What kind of events can be tracked in AJAX?
6. Difference between TempData, ViewData, and ViewBag?
7. What are partial views in ASP.Net MVC?
8. How do you create a partial view and consume it in ASP.Net MVC 4?
9. How can we do validations in ASP.Net MVC?
10. Can we display all errors in one go? or Validation summery in ASP.Net MVC.
11. How can we enable data annotation validation on the client side?
12. Tell me about Razor in MVC?
13. Why we need Razor when we already have ASPX?
14. How can we restrict MVC actions to be invoked only by GET or POST?
15. How to maintain sessions in MVC?


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