How to create plugin in ms dynamics crm :

1. Open vs and create project
2. Select crm template and then new solution ( ms crm related)

3. After it will display the default solution with names as crmpackage, under which you can find the plugins and workflows projects. Before that it will dispaly silver light application creation window, just discard this window. Since the silver light application creation is default in ms crm so it prompts. Actully we dont need it for plugin creation process.
4. When you are working with plugins generally dont need workflow that much.
5. Delete the workflows and try to create "signing key" by right clicking on the plugin project
6. Then selecting the "signing" option.
7. There just give the key name and password( name can be anything)
8. The starting creating the plugin by moving to crm explorer.
9. From there just click entities and select "account" and right click --> select create plugin
10. Here you have to select the message type as update or delete or create or anythiing from the list.
11. Then you have select user "you current logged in user name" or else by default it will show you the "calling user".
12. Then just click "ok" thats it.
13. Now we are ready to code in the file created after these steps.
14. Once code is ready try to build it and deploy to the online perfrom deploy, just right click on the crmpackage project and select deploy.


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