Assigning Accounts and Contacts:
 Inactive users can own records, but you can assign records only to active users. If a user record is deactivated, records already assigned to that user will remain assigned, but no other records can be assigned to the user as long as he or she is inactive in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Merge Records:
 You can merge lead records, in addition to merging accounts or contacts. However,you cannot merge two different types of records together. You can only merge leads with other leads, accounts with other accounts, and contacts with other contacts.

Maximum Number of Controls on Dashboard:
 Only 6 controls are allowed on CRM2013 dashboards and also we cannot put more than 6 graphs or charts or iframes or webresources etc. on the dashboard.

Add Or Remove Sample Data:

Sample data gives you something to experiment with as you learn Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and to help you see how data is organized in the system. At some point, you’ll probably want to remove the sample data.

 Option Set :
 An option set is displayed as a drop-down list when you add it as a field to a form. Option sets are global. In other words, you can add the same option set one or more times to various entities in Microsoft Dynamics  CRM.


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