Field Types:

  •  A blue plus (+) symbol to the right of a field’s name indicates that the field is recommended.
  • Required attributes are marked with a red asterisk (*) to the right of the field name.

Parent & Sub-Accounts:

  • You can use parent accounts and sub-accounts to record a link between two organizations. Specifying one account as the parent account automatically makes the other a sub-account. Each account can have only one parent account, but you can specify as many sub-accounts as necessary.

Contact Associated View:

  • This list of contacts related to the account is known as the contact  associated view.

Shared Accounts and Contacts:

  •  Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows you to share records on an ad-hoc basis with a specific user or a team of users. When you share records, you can also determine which types of security privileges to grant for the shared record or records. You can grant privileges to other users only if you yourself already have those permissions for the shared record.`

Importing Data:

  • We can import data from different file types like “.csv”, “.txt”, “.xml”, “.zip” and so on.


          Settings à Data Management à Import à Import Data

 Note: It may ask for allow duplicates or not 


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