Dashboard → There are two types,

                          1. User (As selected by user), 2.System (Predefined)

Navigation →  Navigation bar area consists of work areas like Services/Accounts/…..

Record Types Under each work area we can find list of records types.

Commands →  Under each record type we can find different commands like new, save, etc.

Accounts  →  Company names should be created on the name of accounts. Accounts represent businesses or organizations in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Contacts → For every account there can be one or more contacts whose details can find in contacts options separately. Each contact can have Map View associated with address.

Opportunities →   Expected leads for the business.

Leads →  Expected opportunities for the business.

Map View→ We can set location map active or enable on form at organization level settings.

                       Settings → Administration → System Settings → Enable Bing Maps.

Auto Save → By default in MS CRM 2013 Auto Save is done for every 30 seconds.


                        Settings → Administration → System Settings → Enable or Disable

Upload Attachment → Maximum limit is 32MB (varies on file formats)





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