1. What is Solution?
Ans. Solution is a group of MS Dynamics CRM components that can be exported and imported easily from one CRM organization to another.

2. What are the differences between managed and unmanaged solution in ms dynamics crm?
Ans.  Managed solution cannot be customized and easier to uninstalled.
      Unmanaged solution can be customized and we cannot uninstall unmanaged solution.

3. Can we register plugin through solution in ms dynamics crm?
Ans. Yes, we can register plugin through solution.

4. What is field level security?
Ans. Field level security is applied at field level and which are used to hide information based on user security role.

5. How can we use auditing in MS CRM 2011.
Ans. Auditing can be configured easily through CRM UI.

6. Whart are the differences between Dialog and Workflow in ms dynamics crm?
Ans. Dialogs are synchronous process and we cannot customize the dialogs.
     Workflows are asynchronous process and we can develop custom workflow.

7. Is it possible to modify the name of Root Business Unit?
Ans. No, we need to re-install MSCRM.

8. What is the use of stringmap table?
Ans. The stringmap table is used to store picklist value in ms dynamics crm.


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