WCF Interview Questions and Answers Part 11

1. What is the keyword used in wcf rest service?
Ans. For making wcf as rest service we can either use http verbs like httpget, httpput
 but standard keyword used is "Webinvoke".

2. What is the use of intranet bindings in wcf services?
Ans. Local application can access service via intranet bindings thus saves time and
improves performance.

3. What is the code name given to wcf by microsoft?
Ans. Indigo was the code name given for wcf.

4. Which extension is used for wcf service file?
Ans. For web services the extension used is ".asmx" and for wcf it is ".svc".

5. What are the layers in wcf service?
Ans. Contract layer, Service runtime layer, Messaging layer and Activation and hosting layers.

6. Which contract are used to implement security at message level in wcf?
Ans. Message Contracts


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