WCF Interview Questions and Answers Part 7

1. How to make changes to WCF Test Client?

Ans. --> Right-Click on the "Config File"

     --> Choose "Edit with SvcConfigEditor"

     --> Make your changes to your Bindings

2. How to restore your config to default values in wcf?

Ans. Right-Click on the "Config File"

   --> Choose "Restore to Default Config"

3. How to Persist Client Configuration?

Ans. Here are the steps to it,

--> Tools --> Options

--> Client Configuration tab contains an
    "Always Regenerate Config When Launching Services option",

which is enabled by default. This option specifies that every time WCF Test Client loads a service, it

regenerates a configuration file based on the latest service contract and service App.config files.

4. How to change WCF Test client(WCFTestClient window) config?

Ans. Once the file is edited you can go to tools-options and uncheck the box to not regenerate the config file.

Note: WCFTestClient is a window opened when we run wcf project
     (generally opens when we open service file and click on run).

If we open contract file and click on run it is will open in browser.


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