WCF Interview Questions Part 4

1. Which reference is needed for SecurityTokenException?

Ans. We need a reference to System.IdentityModel.Tokens.

2. What is the full form of MEX in wcf?

Ans. MEX stands for “metadata exchance format”.

3. What are message level clientCredentialType's in wcf bindings?

Ans. The message level clientCredentialType's are

a. None,
b. UserName
c. Windows
d. Certificate
e. Issued Token

4. What are transport level clientCredentialType's in wcf bindings?

Ans. The transport level clientCredentialType's are

a. None
b. Basic
c. Diget
d. Ntlm
e. Windows
f. Certificate
g. InheritedFromHost

5. Which binding will support full-duplex in wcf?

Ans. wsDualHttpBinding will support full-duplex in wcf


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