Filter only MSTest projects from solution using power shell command

In this article we will discuss about how to filter the test projects from a given solution using power shell commands.

Sometimes we may need to target only test projects to build / running test cases.

Example :






Here our target is to fetch only test projects i.e., ProjectA.Test and ProjectB.Test

For this, we try few commands in power shell.

To Fetch

PS> Get-ChildItem -include "*.Test.csproj" -recurse | where { $_.Name -eq "*.csproj"} | %{$_.Name}

To Build

PS> Get-ChildItem -include "*.Test.csproj" -recurse | where { $_.Name -eq "*.csproj"} | %{dotnet build $_.Name}

To run test methods

PS> Get-ChildItem -include "*.Test.csproj" -recurse | where { $_.Name -eq "*.csproj"} | %{dotnet test $_.Name}

Note : Try above commands at power shell prompt.

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