Visual studio code shortcut key to clear debug console and terminal

This article will explain you visual studio code shortcuts keys to clear debug console as well as terminal window.

You can clear terminal window by using shortcut key as mentioned below

1) "Ctrl+K"  

2) you can also type “cls” in terminal window and enter key press this will also clear terminal window.

But  In order to clear debug console we don’t have any default shortcut keys but can set our own shortcut key for this

Steps :

  1. Go to File  >> Preferences >> Keyboard shortcuts

  2. Open on “keybindings.json” file then copy and paste below code

      "key": "ctrl+k",
      "command": "workbench.debug.panel.action.clearReplAction",
      "when": "inDebugRepl"
  3. Save the changes

  4. Type any text in debug console and press “ctrl+k” then you can able observe debug console empty.


Note : You can use same shortcut key to clear both debug console as well as terminal with “ctrl+k” key shortcut.

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